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Pool & Spa Servicing and Maintenance

We know you are very busy. And that you would like to use your pool whenever you wish without concerns about temperature, clarity, ph levels etc, etc. Since we want to make your life easier the perfect solution is to allow us to look after your pool ensuring it is in tip top condition at all times. As with a prestige car, your high quality pool needs professional and regular servicing.

Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly or Holiday Maintenance Visits How often we service your pool and/or spa depends on if it is located indoors or outdoors, its size and how often it is used. "Little and often" is however the key to the longevity of your pool and spa as well as your enjoyment. Please call us for a free survey during which we can discuss your special requirements. We will then design a tailor-made programme which can be adapted to suit your schedule and your pool's and spa's needs as necessary. We can also keep an eye on things when you are away on holiday.